admin  Apr.04.2014

On Wednesday, Government announced the new exploration areas that oil and gas explorers will be able to tender for as part of the 2014 block offer. On-shore areas are available in Taranaki, the East Coast and the South Island’s West Coast. There are also areas available in five off-shore areas, including the Taranaki Basin, areas off the west coast of Northland and Auckland, areas off the East Coast between Marlborough and Hawke’s Bay and the Great South and Canterbury Basins. For more information, see here:

Activities in the on-shore areas will affect land owners. Oil and gas companies have rights to conduct certain “minimum-impact” activities on your land without your consent (although they do need to give notice). If they want to proceed with more invasive activities, such as drilling exploratory wells, or laying pipelines, they do need your consent.

If an oil and gas company wants access to your land, come and see us and we can help you ensure that you getting a good deal and are being treated fairly. We have significant experience in advising on land access matters.